Our Curriculum

“Education For All”

Our inclusive, concept driven, sensory based curriculum in Tywyn is designed to meet the requirements of the four core purposes ensuring that learning opportunities are carefully planned. It is a curriculum where knowledge and skills are embedded through progressive and sequential teaching and learning. Our aim is to ensure it is engaging, and equips and empowers all our pupils for the future.

At Tywyn, we have worked on our curriculum design through questionnaires to parents, listening to learners, delivering assemblies and holding a series of staff meetings in order to discuss what our children need to progress. High expectations are set for all our learners regardless of ability that encourage and promote curiosity, ambition and positive attitudes to learning. We are passionate about enabling all learners to communicate effectively and develop into literate, numerate, digitally competent and independent, life-long learners. The curriculum is ambitious, organised and focused and is designed to recognise children’s prior learning as well as provide first hand experiences, allowing children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical and highly motivated thinkers who can contribute effectively and ethically to their communities, Wales and the wider world.

The ‘statements of what matter’ from the Areas of Learning and Experience have been carefully considered and, through our curriculum, learning opportunities have been identified to provide inspiring, meaningful activities which require our pupils to engage, develop their thinking, innovate and express their learning and understanding towards these statements.

At Tywyn, progression will be at the heart of our curriculum where pupils will make progress by building on existing knowledge and learn with increasing depth, over time. This will lead to being able to apply their skills independently and in more complex, sophisticated situations.

All learners will be provided with dedicated time to receive purposeful feedback with which to act upon so they are clear and confident as to what they should do to improve. This will be achieved through regular and consistent use of success criteria, formative assessment and the use of longer term targets. A range of assessments will be used by teachers to record and evidence the progress pupils are making and to indicate where they need to go next.

Our curriculum will evolve as teaching evolves being kept under review by our Governors and school leaders to ensure it meets its intended needs and aims. We will continue to consult with and inform parents, pupils and governors as and when changes are made.