Areas of Learning and Experience

Our school follows the Curriculum for Wales which and is designed by teachers to meet the needs of all young people. There are 4 main aims of the new curriculum and they are to help young people to be:

  • Ambitious, capable learners
  • Enterprising and creative contributors
  • Ethical and informed citizens
  • Healthy and confident individuals

Learning will be done through the following 6 areas:

  • Expressive Arts
  • Health and well-being
  • Humanities
  • Languages, Literacy and Communication
  • Maths & Numeracy
  • Science and Technology

The Foundation Phase places great importance on staff using the outdoors as another classroom where children can work on a daily basis. There are many reasons for encouraging children to use the outdoors such as:  Children’s health and fitness benefit from running, jumping and skipping outside and using toys and equipment that cannot be used inside o Children can experience nature at first hand – how the weather changes and how plants and animals react to the different seasons o Problem solving can relate to real experiences such as how to move logs from one area to another o Children can experience aspects such as conservation and sustainability at first hand o They can develop a love of nature when undertaking activities out of doors Our curriculum at Tywyn is designed to cater for the varying needs of the children within our school. We foster an ethos of challenge and high expectation and deliver our curriculum whilst developing high self-esteem and a respect for others. We believe our children need to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to learn through challenging and rich experiences, encouraging them to become ambitious, creative learners. Our aim is to ensure they become healthy, confident, resilient and socially adept with the ability to manage theirs and others’ feelings and emotions effectively. We are committed to teaching children to gain a thorough understanding of others’ cultures, beliefs and uniqueness seeking to provide opportunities for experiential and explorative learning; building on what they already know.

More information on the 6 areas of learning can be found below.

1. Expressive Arts

Art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music.

2. Health and Well-being

Physical health and development, mental health, and emotional and social well-being.

3. Humanities

Geography, history, religion and values.

4. Languages, Literacy and Communication

The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, using Welsh and English.

5. Maths and Numeracy

Numeracy – the application of mathematics to solve problems in real-world contexts.

6. Science and Technology

Biology, computer science, design and technology, and the natural world.