Vision and Aims

In the firmly held belief that the purpose of Primary Education is to lay foundations for the future the school seeks to educate and develop its pupils in a caring, supportive environment, to match learning, as far as possible, to the capability of individual children, to maintain an expectation of high standards, to foster the promotion of children’s self-esteem and to develop sound understanding and relationships between teachers, children, their parents and the wider community.

We are very proud of the inclusive education we provide for a wide range of pupils at Tywyn.  In the firmly held belief that attitude towards others is as important as personal and academic achievement the Headteacher and staff are consistent in their view that children should always treat others as they wish to be treated themselves, should always respect the property and belongings of others, should always work hard and do their best and should strive for personal improvement every day.
 As parents you are vitally important partners in this development and as such are always welcome at the school both in support of the learning process and to develop sound relationships between family, teacher and child.  The purpose of Primary Education is to lay strong foundations for the future.  Between us I am sure we can achieve that for all our children.
Councillor E.V. Latham